Bess Thornburg, Director of Christian Education  bessfumc@bellsouth.net

Teresa Gardo, Church Secretary  ch_first@bellsouth.net

Nancy Catena, Interim Pianist/Organist

Linda Barger, Chancel Choir Director  lindakbarger@gmail.com

Andrew Harmon, Handbell Director

Mildred Young, Director of Preschool  myoung4020@hotmail.com

Rev. Zack Christy comes to Cherryville from Plains United Methodist Church in Canton, NC. He is married to Crystal, and they have 2 children (son Elijah is five years old and daughter Ella is three).  First United Methodist Church is so excited to have Rev. Zack and his family in Cherryville.

Rev. Zack Christy  zchristy@wnccumc.net

Office: 704-435-6732    Home:  704-435-6792       Cell: (828) 508-2358 

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