​​​​​Kingdom Kids Spaghetti Supper

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Kingdom Kids Preschool Mission Statement

The mission of Kingdom Kids Preschool is to provide a Christ-centered, safe and creative environment that nurtures the whole child, encourages compassion and love of others, and builds a foundation for becoming a self-motivated, confident, life-long learner.

September 24th • 5:00 - 7:00pm

Pick Up At FUMC - Cherryville  
Individual Plates & Family Meal Boxes
Cost By Donation.

Proceeds Help Fund Kingdom Kids Pre-School.

​For Information Or To Place An Order - 704 435-6732

Meet our Staff:

Director:  Mildred Young    myoung4020@hotmail.com

2 year old class - Kim Stout,  Sandy Nytko & Emily Webb

3 year old class - Haley Craft,  Jaclyn Sours & Kara Morehouse
4 year old class - Trinity Smith, & Lisa McBride